7 Tips for Limiting Your Screen Time

The era of technology has made us bound to use our gadgets time after time. We keep on checking different apps after a few minutes. This is the problem of every age group. It’s the century where the older generation is also equally addicted to tech. You will see kids, old people, and young alike using technology. The experts have connected the excessive use of tech with poor health effects. It also costs us our money and health. Mobile phones and laptops are some of the most used gadgets. People use phones and laptops for work, study, research for entertainment. The screentime is related to addiction. It is associated with a person who is much addicted to using technology the whole day. It may be to play video games. Kids often watch animated movies pretty much the entire day. Mothers are ignorant of the effect it is causing on the health of kids. Youngsters are using it for social media, scrolling down for shopping. Research by a dissertation writing service shows that The use of social media has caused the most problems in screen time increase.

Effects Of Excessive Screen Time

Screen time is the time spent in front of the laptop, computer, or mobile phone. It can be for entertainment or study. People who are workaholics also spend days on screen because of addiction. Excessive screen time is causing some negative health issues in every age group. In kids, the eyesight problem is getting common. The psychological impact of the screening on the brain is also putting pressure. It affects reasoning and thinking ability. Kids are more hyperactive now than ever. The screens of electronic devices give off UV radiation that damages the eyes. It also causes posture issues in people. Especially the workaholic people face office shoulder pain.

Screen timeIt is because of working for long hours on the computer: straightening ache, the back. Children and teenagers’ indulgence in video games causes mental stress. Kids sit in front of computers and mobiles for hours. It causes eyesight issues, back pain, and neck pain. The use of loud music also causes eardrum problems. Older people often have eyesight issues. The use of mobile phones causes behavior changes in them. The mood is also affected by different use of the screen. People are often irritated all the time with mood swings. They also have anger issues because of those behavior changes.

We need to limit our screen time to change our health status. The children are mainly affected by the extra screen time. You can use these 7 tips to limit screen time.

Schedule The Time

Kids often are allowed unlimited time to use computers, tv, and phones. Try scheduling the screen time and other habits. Make a proper timetable. Fix the time of the screen for limited hours in your free time. Manage the work in the additional hours. It will also help you to do other academic and nonacademic work on time. Manage the eating habits along with scheduling tv. Make schedules of working together with your children. Indulge them in healthy activities. Try out bonding over their interests. Practice healthy artistic activities. Make art, cook, clean, to do gardening together. Indulge kids in responsible tasks with you. Always monitor them in those tasks. It will create a responsibility feeling in them. They will tend to move away from unnecessary activities. The schedule should also contain sitting meditating for a while. The eating patterns must not be disturbed, and keep a healthy eating regimen.

Educate The Child

Educate the children about the ills of unlimited screen use. It will help them analyze their health problems. Give them a logic-based observation that you are feeling headaches often. When we use the screen for more time, it causes headache-like issues. The kids might think you are big mean. Let them analyze the situation by themselves. Take control once often to provide ground rules. Give examples from the other kids or your own life. Try to make them look at the issues. For example, sometimes kids are watching violent stuff. Make them aware of the things they are allowed to watch. Tell them why violent stuff is not suitable for kids of their age. Indulge them in healthy activities, build a relationship with them based on learning. Avoid using a laptop or watching something while eating. It disturbs the eating habits and health as well. Watch times should contain healthy entertainment. It should be appropriate according to the kids’ age. Educate children about health. Tell them about the health damage that it will cause.

Set Your Habits

‘Modify your habits of eating, sleeping, activity, preference, and hobbies—all of these affect daily life social events. For example, if a person is sleeping late, they may watch something. It will also lead them to have unhealthy binge eating habits. Once the cycle of sleep deprivation starts, it will cause severe health issues. The habit of going early to bed helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Make the sleep time calm, and don’t stress out over things. Eating habits should also be modified. Start eating a balanced meal. It will also lead to a change in your other life areas. The pattern of exercise is also important while making a change in life. It will also keep you occupied in healthy activities.

Meditate, sit in isolation, exercise. Breathing exercise and aerobic exercise have been found beneficial. Spare time from daily life a sit alone in a corner to relax your mind. Continuous involvement of the brain in tasks causes issues of stress. It also causes mental depression, anxiety. A person is always on the nerves and stressing over the work. They will not be able to do their work or job. It will also affect the cognitive ability of students. Their learning will be affected. The person will not be able to focus on work. His sleeping habits will cause his overall health to fall. Creating a technology-free zone will help you to do the tasks effectively. The habits work for everyone, teens or adults. The workaholic life keeps us busy with no time left for relaxing. Set the dietary, working, and personal habits timely.

Put Unnecessary Devices Away.

The healthy use of electronic devices should be put into practice. Limit the screen hours after educating. Keep the devices away when you do not need them. It will reduce the habitual use of the device. The video game hours must not be exceeded by the time. Social media use should be for a limited time. Set home rules like when you are with family, don’t bring your phones to the table. Keep the technology away from kids under 2 years of age. You are not allowed to bring mobiles to the table. Keep your gaming hours fixed. Take control of parenthood. If you are a working person, peace of mind is still important. Take time from the regular day and get busy in a relaxing mind. It will give clarity of mind that will enable the person to work better. Work fatigue can be avoided once in a while relaxing session.

Engage In Outdoor Sports

Screen timeAccording to a dissertation help firm, the use of technology in an excessive way can be because of boredom. Often kids in the summer vacation stick to the games. Build outdoor activities interest in kids. Going out for a picnic, outdoorsy entertainment places must be preferred over. The activities should include every age group. It will put a better experience for everyone. Watching a movie monthly, going out for a picnic, or a road trip. These habits will put a health-promoting benefit. If you are staying home at the weekend with a gaming session all night. It will keep you lazy in next day, and the cycle will go on. The whole eating habits will change. Physical activity will no longer be a priority. Such a lifestyle gives a nonproductive life outcome.

Set An Example

Set an example for the kids. Don’t just say act on it. Kids follow what is being conducted by elders. The words are not taken seriously. If you’re advising kids to limit screen time. At the same time, you are binge-watching the seasons. It will not set a healthy example. Kids will tend to have a bad image of the parent and elder. They will not trust what is being said o them. Be realistic in the conduct and involve every age group in the correcting steps. Engage in real-world chores. It will create a better approach to learning at the same time.


The screening time is the time spent in front of the screen. It can be the screen of the TV, mobile, laptop, or any other device. These devices use cause fatigue of the mind and body. The poor health effects can be changed. Poor screen habits are present in every age group. The kids are the most prone to it. Working with the children, making a schedule will discipline them. Take the control in their hands by educating them about the ills. Education is necessary for the intellect minds to understand a thing. They base their conduct based on these intellects. Avoid extra time by going outside and avoiding overuse. For the kids to follow, set an example for them. You can also, read about how to Improve Your Academic Performance by Reducing Your Screen Time

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